Welcome to the Al-Kitab Scripture Research Institute.

This is a place to study Holy Scripture. It is a place where one can study the holy books originally given by the one God for the guidance of mankind. These books include the Taurat of Prophet Musa (or the Law of Moses), the Zabur of Prophet Dawud (i.e. the Psalms of David), the Injil of ‘Isa ibn Maryam al-Masih (that is, the Gospel of Jesus Christ), as well as the writings of other recognized prophets of God.

Rather than just talk about these holy books, at Al-Kitab you examine the text of the book itself, through a series of questions and answers. A person can make a far more intelligent and honest evaluation of the holy books if you know what they say.

However, our goal at Al-Kitab is not just that you know the holy books. Our desire is that through the message contained therein, your understanding and worship of God will be enhanced. May you come to know his mercy and peace like never before.

Enrollment is free. There are no membership fees nor any other charges. Enrollment is also secure and confidential. Member biographical information is only used by Al-Kitab in order to adequately correspond with members and record their progress in course study. The information will never be given to anyone outside of Al-Kitab for any purpose without the express permission of the member.