A Message for Christians

Perhaps you are a Christian visitor to this site and wonder about many of the words that are being used here? For example, when this web site calls itself a “Scripture Research Institute”, why does it talk about “Taurat“, “Zabur”, “Injil“, and “Quran”? These are all Arabic words transliterated into English and are meaningful to Muslim readers.

Taurat” is an Arabic equivalent to “Torah” or the “Law of Moses”. It primarily refers to the first five books of the Bible, Genesis through Deuteronomy, but also can refer to the entire Old Testament.

“Zabur” is an Islamic way of referring to the “Psalms” of David.

Injil” is the Arabic way of referring to the New Testament or as it was called especially in the early centuries of the church, the “Gospel” of Jesus Christ.

The “Quran” is the holy book of Islam, and the one to which Muslims turn for divine wisdom.

This website is not intended primarily for Christians, but for Muslims. Its purpose is to provide the opportunity to learn firsthand the message of the Holy Bible.