About the Name


Al-Kitab Scripture Research Institute” derives its name from an Arabic term which literally means “the book” or “the scripture”. The phrase “Al-Kitab” occurs many times in the Arabic Quran, usually referring to revelation given by Almighty God to mankind:

The revelation of the Book (Al-Kitab) is from Allah the Exalted in power Full of Wisdom. (Surah 45:2)

A few people wish to limit the use of the phrase “Al-Kitab” to the Quran alone, but the Quran itself makes it clear that such is not the case:

And We gave Musa Al-Kitab in order that they might receive guidance. (Surah 23:49)

And Allah will teach him (‘Isa al-MasihAl-Kitab and Wisdom, the Taurat and the Injil. (Surah 3:48)

These were the men to whom We gave Al-Kitab and authority and prophethood: (Surah 6:89)

These references say that the revelations brought through the prophets MusaIsa Ibn Maryam and others are also Al-Kitab. The “men” referred to in 6:89 include Prophets IbrahimIshaqYaqubNuhDawudSulaymanAyubYusuf, and many others according to Surah 6:83-86. The above quotation says that revelation from Allah (Al-Kitab) was given to each of these holy men of old, as surely as they were prophets of the Almighty.

The aim of “Al-Kitab Scripture Research Institute” is to provide the opportunity to explore God’s revelation given to prophets such as those mentioned. It is a place to study that which was given to Musa, to ‘Isa , and to all the prophets. It is our prayer that in studying such Scriptures, the student may receive personal guidance and wisdom to understand the will of our Gracious and Compassionate Creator.

Al-Kitab Scripture Research Institute