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The Eternal Word


The Eternal Word is a brief course containing 4 lessons. It takes you to verses from the Quran, Taurat, Zabur, and Injil dealing with the subject of Holy Scripture. An underlying question is raised: how should we respond to the scriptures? Common objections to the previous Scriptures are dealt with including whether they have been corrupted or abrogated. There is also a discussion on the terms “father” and “son”, as found in the Quran and the Injil.

The Day That Death Will Die


The Day That Death Will Die contains 11 lessons on the topic of Qiyamat or the Day of Resurrection. It focuses on future events or the last days as taught in the TauratZaburInjil and other Scriptures. Subject matter includes the rise of Dajjal (Antichrist), the return of prophet Isa al-Masih to earth, the day of judgment, the eternal state, and much more.

The People of God


This longer course contains a series of four study modules with a total of 23 lessons. It has been prepared for people familiar with the Quran, but who also want to know something about the Taurat of the Prophet Moses, the Zabur of the Prophet David, other Holy Writings of Prophets, and the Injil of Jesus the Messiah.

These are the four modules included in the People of God course:

The Beginning of People (six lessons)
God’s Covenant with People (five lessons)
God Loves People (seven lessons)
The People of Faith (five lessons)